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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 30, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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the flood waters - still rising. rescues in texas. the flood waters - still rising. and tonight: harvey is on track.. for a second landfall. now at 11:00 thousands of rescues in texas, the floodwater still rising and harvey is on track for a second landfall. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. the death toll is up to eight and that number is expected to rise. crews rescued more than 13,000 people so far and houston's mayor imposed a citywide
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midnight curfew to keep people safe. cbs reporter meg olivier is in houston tonight. >> reporter: even at this late hour volunteers are showing up at convention center behind me bringing supplies and offering to help. the skies in houston could stay clear tomorrow, but the catastrophic flooding remains. all day rescue crews in houston used helicopters, boats and trucks to reach those stranded by rising water like rhonda chandler and they are 12-year- old daughter. >> roof started leaking, water is close to coming inside the house. >> it's kind of scary, kind of scary. >> reporter: rescues became even more complicated when two reservoirs overflowed and a levee failed sending more water into neighborhoods where people are still trying to escape. >> the kids were scared, wife
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was scared, so it was just time to get to higher ground. >> reporter: with so many people now in shelters the city's mayor imposed a public curfew in the city from midnight until morning. >> i don't want them to have to worry about someone breaking into their home or looting or doing anything of that nature while they are away. >> reporter: the convention center in downtown houston is now holding roughly 10,000 people. as you can see, donations are pouring in. authorities say they won't turn anyone away. >> we are going to use the toyota have to reduce the population at the george r. brown. so it will become another shelter. >> reporter: earlier in the day president trump traveled to corpus christi for a briefing on recovery efforts. >> this was of epic proportions. >> reporter: along with the water the death toll from harvey is also rising. among those killed sergeant steve perez, a houston police officer who became trapped in his squad car on his way to work.
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officer perez's wife urged her husband not to go to work on sunday due to the dangerous conditions. the death toll stands at eight but is expected to climb in. houston meg oliver, kpix5. kpix5 meteorologist paul deanno is tracking harvey's path tonight. >> we are seeing a second landfall iminnocent in southwestern louisiana, but the big story continues to be the rainfall which thankfully has left harris county and houston and galveston, but, man, is it pouring just to the east. go about 70 miles east and you've got beaumont and port arthur, texas. they set a record daily rainfall total today. it rained 20 inches there and that heavy rainfall will stretch east to louisiana, parts of houston, texas, receiving 300,000 gallons of water in five days in an average 1/4 acre lot, 51 inches of rainfall. local forecast and more on the storm coming up in a few minutes. >> paul, thank you. tonight an evacuee from the
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bay area told kpix5's joe vazquez she had just five minutes to pack up and get out. plan. >> reporter: as hurricane harvey roared -- get out. >> reporter: as hurricane harvey roared ashore kimy was in texas where she shares a home with her fiance who is a coastguard rescue swimmer. he told her it was time to go. >> i was given a few minutes to leave, so i got the dogs and a couple outfits thinking i'd be right back moment. >> reporter: instead she went to her parents home. she believes her house has some damage but is probably still intact. steve stayed behind in texas to be part of the heroic coastguard effort. >> i'm scared for him. i just want him safe. >> reporter: she said steve is working almost nonstop in houston pulling people to safety one by one. she said she doesn't need anything, but it breaks her heart the people of her adopted
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state are struggling so much. >> my heartbreaks for them just because i'm so happy we have a house to go home to, but so many of them lost everything. he went into houses where they have children in tupperware bins so that they can float and that's not a way anybody should ever have to live. i would deal with an earthquake over that any time any day. >> reporter: steve will be busy for quite a while, but she knows he will back in time for their wedding next month. >> i'm just ready to say how much we love each other in front of our friends and family and going through this together just shows me how much more important it is like for us to really tell everybody how much we love each other and show everybody because i just at this point i don't think much else matters. >> reporter: in santa rosa joe vazquez, kpix5. >> the red cross is accepting donations tonight. for more information now you can help head to our website
1:43 am tonight california senator kamala harris is calling on president trump to help the flood victims. >> the predictions are that it will take years for that region of our country to get back to business in an orderly way and they're going to need and rely on federal support to do that and i hope that the president puts his money where his mouth is on that. >> in san jose tonight senator harris also said she hopes the president upholds the country's commitment to daca, the deferred action to childhood arrivals. that program protects young undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. >> america needs to keep her promise to those young people and i am determined with everything i have to fight to make sure that we do that. >> and the president has said that he is considering phasing out that program. tonight in san francisco california senator dianne feinstein faced questions ranging from texas to russia to north korea, but on andria borba tells us there's one
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question she refused to answer. >> well, senator feinstein touched on many current events. she tiptoed around questions about where the russia investigation was and where it's headed. to a packed house at the herbst theatre in san francisco, senator feinstein asked for a moment of see license for the hurricane harv flood victims -- silence for the hurricane harvey flood victims and then moved on to the debt ceiling battle. >> there's talk of the president using that to get the wall. i don't think that's going to happen. i think texas takes the place of the wall. >> reporter: the 25 year senator also touched on the developing situation with kim jong un's regime and north korea. she maintains both isolation and military solution are not the way to solve the problem.
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>> i would hope that we would be prepared to sit at a table with direct negotiations with the help of the chinese, no more six party talks because they didn't get anywhere. >> reporter: she had harsh words for president trump's response to the violence in charlottesville earlier this month. >> you cannot placate american nazis. [ applause ] >> you cannot placate white supremists. you cannot placate the kkk. >> reporter: there was one question she wouldn't answer, though. >> this is kind of a personal question, but what is your plan for the next five to 10 years? hooses to r [ laughter ] >> next question, please. in the newsroom -- andria borba >> now senator feinstein will be up for reelection in 2018,
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what would be her sixth full term if she chooses to run again. in the newsroom andria kpix5. tonight a san jose woman is granted her last -- andria borba, kpix5. tonight a san jose woman is granted her last wish to see her mother for one last time. she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and had one wish to see her mother before she passes away. problem is her mom lives in vietnam and immigration officials at chi minh initially denied her mother's visa application. tonight, though, the mother was granted a visa, no word yet on when she'll arrive, but the family tells us they are overjoyed with that good news. this bay area restaurant faced a boycott. tonight it is shut down. the owner's reported ties to a kkk leader. >> and the fight to split up a bay area school district gets pretty heated. tonight some parents call it
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segregation. >> dozens of female students accuse this bay area high school teacher of inappropriate behavior. only on 5 tonight why it took the district years to launch an investigation. >> one heatwave just ending, another about to start. coming up find out when parts of the bay area will reach 110 who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here.
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a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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dozens of other structures. the fire b >> closed captioning for this news cast is sponsored by living spaces. this wildfire tore through
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homes in butte county and tonight is threatening other structures. the fire broke out this afternoon about 16 miles east of oroville and has burned about 600 acres. that fire is 0% contained. a santa cruz restaurant is shut down tonight and owner is blaming political terrorism. veronica de la cruz tells us about his reported ties to a former kkk leader. >> yeah, ken. some employees and patrons boycotted the restaurant after public records obtained revealed restaurant owner roger griffey gave $500 to david duke's campaign last year. duke ran for a u.s. senate seat in louisiana but lost. now after 38 years in business grigsby's chinese restaurant on mission street is closed at least for now. tonight we found this sign on the window that tells patrons he's come under attack. slanderous information about this business have forced us to close for now.
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"we're just a token in a much larger process of terrorizing white european americans. it is unclear when or if the restaurant will reopen." veronica de la cruz, kpix5. the fight to split up a bay area school district got heated tonight and some parents are calling it segregation. in pleasant hill parents in orange shirts advocated that a install group of schools split from the -- small group of schools split from the mount diablo school district to make a smaller district, north gate unified. those in the red shirts asked for the district to stay together. they say this is a case of a largely wealthy white community trying to segregate itself. >> the problem is that to draw a school district line will cement in this segregation forever. there is no racism here. we have a wonderful, wonderful inclusionary community. financially strapped.
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>> those pushing to detach from mount diablo unified say the district is simply too big and too financially strapped. the con -- contra costa board of education is not in tonight. ultimately the state board of education will decide whether or not to put this issue on the ballot. dozens of students at o'connell high school have come forward accusing their p.e. teacher and soccer coach of inappropriate behavior. only on 5 tonight susie steimle found out the principal knew about the allegations two years ago and did nothing. >> he would like put his hand on my thigh. >> reporter: alysha stone is the former captain of the john o'connell girls soccer team. before graduating in may she made one of the hardest decisions of her life. she reported bob gamino, her soccer coach, for sexual
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assault. it took her a whole school year to come forward. she said it started with verbal harassment in the fall. >> like oh, you look beautiful today or oh, you have a great body or whatever and i'm just like okay, those aren't things you normally say to a student. >> reporter: months later she said it turned physical. >> he like grabbed right under my breast on top of my ribcage, you know, like out of all places why would you grab there? >> reporter: bob gamino worked for san francisco public schools 23 years as a soccer coach and p.e. teacher and most recently as athletic director. students say his door was always open and they thought of him as a father figure making it that much more difficult to turn him in. >> when you've known him for so long he built up such a relationship with these girls to the point where they feel like he's a family member and you can't report your family member. you can't do that. you feel really guilty. >> reporter: another student who chose to remain anonymous
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reported bob gamino to the school in may. >> he kind of just passed me and grabbed my butt and walked away. at first i thought it was just an accident. i was kind of in shock, but then it sunk in it wasn't. >> reporter: that's when gamino was put on administrative leave and an investigation was launched. 30 girls came forward reporting gay nine owe physical -- gamino verbally or physically assaulted them that year. >> gay nine -- gamino has the type of personality that girls should watch out for basically saying that he came off as a perv. >> reporter: students say gay nine owe worked to gain their -- gamino worked to gain their trust often taking a full year to develop a relationship with them. >> i felt not betrayed, but it was the trust. >> reporter: you trusted him.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: when we first approached the san francisco unified school district about gay nine owe, we were told this wasn't any -- gamino, we were told this wasn't any of our business. >> confidential personnel matters are not a matter of public record unless they are of concern. >> reporter: we filed a public records request. documents from the district's internal investigation show the school knew about gamino's behavior two years ago and did nothing. records show upper classmen began to forewarn younger students go his conduct and some female students indicated they'd stopped dressing for pe or foregone playing soccer in order to avoid gamino. >> students warned each other. students were going out of their way to say don't take his class. students were going out of their way to protect each other, but what did adults do? >> i think that what you're saying is something that concerns the district as well. >> reporter: in our second interview with the district after we obtained the documents, the spokesperson
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said it was o'connell's former principal mark alvarado who failed to take the appropriate steps. documents reveal long before alysha and her classmates came forward alvarado admonished gamino for inappropriately touching two african american female students two years ago. the district said it didn't know about this because alvarado didn't report gay nine owe's activity to the -- gamino's activity to the district allowing gamino to continue working at the school often spending time alone with students. gamino denied the most serious allegations against him but acknowledging in hindsight he should have acted differently. do you think the teachers and the district did everything they could to protect these kids? >> i think, in fact, we could have obviously done more because this happened. >> reporter: meanwhile students say the district never encouraged them to talk to
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police. were police involved? >> not that i know of. >> reporter: were you told to go to the police? >> we weren't told to go to the police. i didn't know what to do in this situation at all. >> reporter: mr. gamino voluntarily retired this summer keeping his full health benefits and salary from the district. we stopped by his home multiple times, but he never came to the door. mr. gamino, could you talk to us? the district has yet to reach out to parents or previous students at the school to inform them of this investigation. >> if he can get away with it, who else can get away with it? i think the district does need to apologize and talk to students and teachers and say hey, we're doing everything we can to prevent this from happening again. >> as for mark alvarado, the former principal at john o'connell high school, he never responded to our requests for an interview for this story. he was, however, moved to everett middle school in an administrative position in response to his failure to
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report mr. gamino. the failure to report the sexual assault of the student is considered a crime, but alvarado is not facing any charges. in the newsroom susie steimle, kpix5. >> susie briefly spoke with bob gamino on the phone at the start of the investigation. he told her he chose to retire and that he'd consider going back to coaching or teaching at some point because he hasn't been charged with anything. there's no legal reason that he can't do that at this time. sky drone 5 at stevens creek trail and mountain view, tonight the pass is partially impassable. last month it started to collapse into the creek below. emergency repairs are scheduled next week. we've got a lot going on not only in texas, but in our own backyard. >> we will see some extreme weather as well, some of the hottest weather we've seen in the bay area away from the water in about five years.
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110 degrees is possible before the holiday weekend begins. san francisco, you have not even hit 80 degrees pretty much all summer, since the 18th of june, since before summer officially began. that likely will change. this friday warmer weather even coming to san francisco and our coast. san francisco right now 57 and cloudy, oakland 59, concord 66, santa rosa54, a little better sleeping weather inland. fremont, 60 tonight, mountain view 61, vallejo overnight 58 degrees for the kids walking to school tomorrow. one more day of the ocean breeze before things change. there's a huge ridge of high pressure sitting off to our west that will park itself right over northern california. in the mean time we can thank this departing area of high pressure for allowing some of that ocean breeze to return. that's why it was not as warm today. fairfield was 20 degrees cooler, inland towns 15 degrees cooler and the ocean fog spreading inland, even when we
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get the sunshine tomorrow afternoon, the heat does not begin tomorrow. it does begin thursday. thursday we're month the inland. friday and saturday we're -- hot inland. friday and saturday we're hot potentially everywhere. friday is inducing a north, northeast wind, warm at the coast, hot near the bay and very month the, up to 110 degrees friday and -- very hot, up to 110 degrees friday and saturday away from the water. at a minimum four to six days governor 100 degrees and the offshore wind -- over 100 degrees and the offshore wind. santa rosa 85, livermore 92, pretty close to average. the six days following will not be close to average. 100 degrees or hotter for our hottest inland spots through next tuesday all the way through the mol, 80s and 90s near the -- holiday weekend, 80s and 90s near the bay and the two numbers sticking out
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there, 110 degrees is possible friday and saturday afternoon inland. there's hot and then there's extremely hot. we're going to enter that category. >> thank you, paul. people love my breakfast burritos. and my french fries. wait! what if i put them together?! a burrito stuffed with scrambled eggs, creamy guacamole, bacon and crispy french fries. i'll call it the california breakfast burrito! boom. someone got that, right? scrambled eggs. guacamole. bacon. french fries. you'll call it the california breakfast burrito. boom. good work everyone. another winner. introducing my new california breakfast burrito. only at jack in the box.
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starting monday: target stores nationwide will offer this new line of 5-dol trader joe's two buck chuck, remember? might have a new rival, though. >> starting monday target stores nationwide will offer this new line of $5 wines called california roots. the wine is drawing comparisons to other types of bargain booze, most notably trader joe's classic two buck chuck's. the 49ers trade one of their starting players, but who will take his place. >> the giants haven't thrown in the towel. we're up next.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> next season the giants will have to figure out how to beat the dodgers, but before that they'll have to solve the san diego padres who went 10-5 this year against their norcal pals. matt morris had a pretty good start and lays down the perfect budget -- bunt in the 2nd inning. it's 1-0 giants. bottom of the 4th look at that pitch. moore made a great pitch. three run jack, moore pitched five innings, gave up five runs. giants lose 6-3. that's 81 losses and counting. bob melvin wondering when the warriors season will start.
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8th inning c.j. cron hits a solo home run. angels win 12-2. cron was promised season tickets to the suns if he hit two home runs in this game. that was cron's second home run. he went to phoenix high school. less than nine months after getting his new contract extension the 49ers traded vance mcdonald in the draft pick to the steelers for a fourth round pick next year. the tight end spent four seasons with the 49ers, but new general manager john lynch had been trying to deal mcdonald since april. former stanford golfer mcneilly decided to place his business career on hold and give it a shot on the pga tour october 5th at the safeway open in napa. today he asked johnny miller about mcneilly's debut. how important is it for him to get his feet wet in an area
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he's comfortable with? >> i think it's an advantage, really important when you do go out there. pick an evenwhich he's done on grass that he's used to near moment with a friend -- home with a friendly atmosphere and a lot of his ddieshowing up. >> johnny miller gave me about who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to st good night the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. >> we'll see you then. have a great night!
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